A self-made tour in Macau with hotel’s free shuttle service around and how to master the art of getting lost, getting a map, how to misplace the map and getting lost again. Warm up your hamstrings ‘cause we’ll be doing a lot walking and strolling in Macau.

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..after an almost abandon state I’m now trying my very best to update it with my recent travel and adventures. Pray forgive me for the title because I have to include the title of the song I used in the video.

This one was shot in Macau, a whole day trip without spending too much. My expenditures during the trip includes ticket to and from Macau, Lunch, and Egg Tarts. Crazy lots of tasty egg tarts!

If you’re planning to visit Macau don’t forget to visit the Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, and the hotels. Especially The Venetian, a glorious replica of Europe’s architectural designs and it has a realistic replica of Grand Canal in Venice INSIDE!!

Roam Around Happy Feet! xiao!

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Featuring huge hotels in Macau and the mix culture of west in Senado Square!

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The unsung face in the crowd of the underdog nation. this is the minority, the misfit.