Puerto Princesa is the city with the body of a true paradise littered with white sands and clear water. The people of Puerto is the nicest I have met. They are more than willing to give you information where to go in the city. You can just even book your flight and hotel and forget about research. I’m sure wherever you are staying there would be a caretaker who will assist you on your tours and introduce you to people who can help you.


From Puerto it can take 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours of drive going to Sabang where you can find a boat that will take you to the entrance of the underground river but before that, secure a permit from www.puerto-undergroundriver.com a couple of weeks before because they are now limiting the number of tourist going inside. In the entrance going to the underground river you’ll see a branch of tree where you can play. Anyway, Wear your head gear and life jacket and board the don’t-move-we’ll-sink type of bangka and your ready to go. Don’t seat near the paddler because he’ll be shouting and talking the whole trip. Seat in front if you want to control the spotlight. Inside the underground river the paddler will show you different formation and give you background information about the river. Other formation has a wow factor and the other’s just silly.

<The trip will let you cover only the 1.5km out of 8km but it depends on your permit. Request if you want to add some more km. After the 1.5km the navigation becomes difficult. If you’re planning to pursue this, prepare a lunch and a survival gear. I’m kidding but ask the tourism officer what to bring.

After the trip you may want to visit the Monkey Trail and Zip Line.


Supposedly we’ll cover 2-3 islands but we end up going only to Luly Island and Snorkeling Sanctuary. Have a pack lunch! A canned tuna and bread will suffice if you’re travelling in a small group and tight budget. Be wary of the time you spend in each island because you might end up too exhausted after the trip. Ask around where you can rent a snorkeling gear and the watershoes is not necessary unless you feel the need to. I suggest you use your trusty old pair of flip flops.

The corals in the snorkeling site is the liveliest I have seen so far but I did see two corals changing color from bright red to ash grey, the color of death, the other one is yellow slowly changing to grey.


This trip is compress in a 3 days and 2 nights in Pads by Legend Palawan. Here’s the location of Island Souvenirs via foursquare, http://4sq.com/xykP20, in case your interested because I’m collecting their wrist band exclusive in the island. Visit the wet and dry market for cheaper pasalubong (souvenirs) and dried goods. You can get there souvenir shirts for only 90php compared to 150php I got from Sabang.

-Live well and Travel a lot, MOB.

(Source: shuttermob)